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Monday, February 8

Spin Your Shit 2016

February 08, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Spin Your Shit 2016 continues with two new spinning projects started from stash fibre.

Koi Pond

I was attracted to the blue-orange combination of these rolags from a blending board. They have aged in my stash for a while because I wanted to do them justice and I was not sure of my skills. I've started to spin them on the miniSpinner lace flyer.

The aim is for 2ply laceweight, practicing getting even singles from rolags. But the singles will never be as even as from a combed top due to the nature of rolags. I have to embrace the slubs and set aside my "only smooth is acceptable" mindset.

Destash Haul

This amazing fibre I got in a Ravelry destash. I was attracted to the blue-orange combination (again). Dyed by a dyer local to me who sadly has stopped. The colours are incredible in real life.


This time I am spinning the singles with the standard flyer instead of the lace flyer. I wanted to see if I can make singles fine enough a 2ply fingering. I can, which means that I should be able to go even finer with the lace flyer.

There are two braids, but the colour repeats are different. The one I have started spinning has long stretches of colours along the length of the top. The other has shorter ones, so it inspired me to spin this as a fractal.

I am going to split the top with shorter colours into two to get even shorter lengths of colour in the single. This should give nice effect in the plied yarn.