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Friday, February 12

One Sock Becomes Two

February 12, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

While spinning is perfect for audio books (I still have to look at what I am doing), knitting is perfect for watching TV (my fingers know what to do). I'm sort of spreading the spinning and knitting love around all my ongoing projects this time, instead of only working on a couple at a time.

Two Red Socks

The second sock is progressing nicely. I love the printed pattern on this yarn. I was afraid at first that they are going to look too orange or too brown, but those stripes just add spice to the red.

KEME Cap #2b

My photography assistant (he is providing superb white balance check for the iPhone) decided to take a more active part in today's photo shoot. Reaching out ever so slowly...

KEME Cap #2b


KEME Cap #2b


This is the beginnings of my third test knit for the KEME project. The same original pattern as the second, but interpreted by someone else. I've called these Cap 2a and Cap 2b in honour of Terry Pratchett. 'Pyramids' is absolutely hilarious if you like ancient Egypt, Troy, and Greece. It is one of my favourites, and the book I was listening to when I started with the Cap 2a.