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Friday, June 21

Of Spinning and Summer

June 21, 2013 Posted by Vaire ,

June is almost over, and so is the insane busy period at work. In late May and early June everyone is scrambling to finish a few projects before the universal vacation season starts at Midsummer. Midsummer is today, so from next week on and until my vacation starts, I can have less hectic and hopefully not as long working days.

In the mean time I have finished two spinning projects, both of which I began years ago and then set aside.

Purple berries yarn

Purple berries. 112g total. As you can see, my spinning got finer and finer as I spun. I don't mind that at all, I'm still learning and any yarn that I produce that is not over spun or falling apart is good yarn in my mind.

Purple berries yarn

Yes, when I picked the spinning up again, I'd forgotten which way I had begun. The result is that one ball is spun S, plied Z and the other is spun Z and plied S. I have an idea how to incorporate that difference into a project I have in mind, but we'll see.

Red Gradient

Red Gradient. 286g total. One single of red gradient pre-yarn, one single of black pre-yarn doubled. The red pre-yarn was thicker than the black, so I doubled the black while spinning the single to make up for the difference. This is meant to become something for winter kinda thing.

While I was spinning I decided that I wanted to practice more, and get better at it. Try out different fibres and modern techniques too, but mostly concentrate on spinning medieval style (in hand/semi supported) and to get better at drafting from a distaff this summer.