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Wednesday, January 16

Of Snow and Tulips

January 16, 2013 Posted by Vaire

Most of the snow we got in December melted away after the new year. I was actually relieved to see it melt off the evergreens. It had gotten so thick on the branches that I was becoming afraid they'd break under the strain.

And then all the snow came back yesterday. It started snowing during the night and snowed throughout the day. It's all lovely and white again. It was sunny and cold during Monday and the sound got its first ice, which is now beautifully white with snow.

Yesterday, I was informed, was also a Day of the Tulips. I'd seen the ads for tulips for a week before, and decided to buy myself a bunch. The vase I'd had the pine branches in is probably meant for tulips, because they fit perfectly.

I'm happy and content. The flat is lovely, the weather is gorgeous, my little tree has new growth, and Sona is content. Bliss.