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Wednesday, November 17

November 17, 2004 Posted by Vaire

The winter has arrived and we need winter gear. The following is a list of what I want to make.

  1. A pair of gloves for R,
  2. a pair of gloves for me,
  3. a cap for me,
  4. and a warm indoor slipper socks for him.

I also want to finish the Fluted Banisters, cast on for the second Alhambra sock and continue developing the Lansdknecht stockings.

Ursus playing with Eeyore

With a kitten as cute as this it's difficult to concentrate on anything else but him. I'm slowly introducing knitting to him, but he's a little scared of the needles and I can't work on anything for long. It'll take a little while until I can knit and act as a kitten pillow at the same time.