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Tuesday, November 16

November 16, 2004 Posted by Vaire

We're back and I've got a kitten. Whee!

On Sunday when we had landed R's mom called and said: "I've a little surprise for you. My birthday gift for you is a kitten, when can you come to pick it up?" There was no question about it, we went to Norrtälje immediately. Fortunately we had sent all our luggage home with friends who had come to the event with a van. So all we had to carry around was the kitten and his litterbox. Perfect!


The kitten is a tiny little fluffball and an ideal lap cat. He has three modes: attack, eat and sleep. In attack mode he attacks and kills everything from his toys to table legs and carpets, in eat mode he attacks the food and in sleep mode he is the sweetest little thing.

Ursus helping R to play World of Warcraft

He doesn't really have a name yet. He looks like a little bear cub so we're thinking of calling him Ursus. Our friend came up with that name when she was told that he is our little attack bear. We didn't want to name him in Estonian (Karu), English (Bear) or Swedish (Björn), but Ursus is an excellent choice. We'll see, if he accepts the name or not.

Ursus attacking Eeyore

Oh, the event was fun too. Unfortunately I forgot to have any pictures taken.