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Friday, December 14

Of Snow and Winter

December 14, 2012 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Speaking of snow storms, I love the Winter this year! After October weather in November (13C during the day, seriously?!), someone flipped a switch and it became January in December.


The snow storm last week was awesome to behold. We had a weather warning in Stockholm, so I took my work lappy with me and worked from home during the storm days. That turned out to be a good decision because traffic was in chaos, and Arlanda airport was closed.


It snowed so much in one go that the normal snow removal couldn't cope. That lantern is 30 cm high, it's nearly covered, and that was in the middle of the storm, it snowed even more. It snowed for two days straight, in fact.

Sona in the sun

Then, in the weekend, the sun came out and melted most of the snow on my balcony. I usually don't draw the blinds during the days unless it's really sunny. This time I left one up for Sona.


The sun moves really fast at this time of the year, but it still makes fun sun spots on the walls.

Even when it was sunny, it still was cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground. It's the beginning of December, and I hope that the weather stays like this until March.