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Monday, September 26


26.9.16 Posted by Vaire ,

When I visited my family this summer I collected wishes for handspun items from them. There is no way I could finish all of them this year, but I'll do my best to make as many as I can. Spinning and knitting take time and I want to make it right. That takes time too.

So, once my spinning mojo returned, I tackled the first wish — a scarf for Dad. I showed him the fibres I had and asked him to pick the one he liked out of the ones suitable for a scarf.


I want the scarf to be cosy, so I spun it thicker than my usual fine yarn. It got done quicker too, but it still took a week of spinning.


The fibre is nunoco Wildwood, and was a pleasure to spin as all nunoco fibres have been. I loved the colours in the fibre and I love them even more in the yarn.


The blues and greens blended together to make a green that has subtle variation and depth. I am very pleased with how this yarn turned out.

Monday, September 19

Aurora Borealis

19.9.16 Posted by Vaire ,

Finally finished!

Aurora Borealis

Just gorgeous. I love how even it turned out despite the fibre being compacted. Could have been from storage, or dyeing, or both. I does not matter. I dealt with it by attenuating the top to get the fibres slipping past each other.

TdF 2016, Day 17

All the Pretty Fibers 140g of 70/30 blend merino & silk. I named it Aurora Borealis because It reminded me so much of the northern lights.

This vendor is one of my favourites. Her fibres are gorgeous and she is in Europe, so the shipping cost is much less than shipping from North America. The shipping time is shorter too — less distance to cover...

Aurora Borealis

Look how the silk shines and gives a different tone to the black merino wool. The camera does not do it justice, but the colours are more distinct IRL. And more shiny.

I haven't calculated how many metres there are yet, or the WPI, TPI, etc. I estimate the size being a sport weight, or maybe plump fingering weight. I'll do the math before I start knitting.

This yarn will become Revontuli shawl. Revontuli being northern lights in Finnish and the pattern being perfect for using up all the yarn.

Friday, September 16


16.9.16 Posted by Vaire ,

My SIL asked me to knit a teddy for my niece for Christmas last year. I finished it on the ferry over and completely failed to remember to take a photo once I'd arrived. I did remember this summer when I went for a visit.


The yarn I used is Regia North Pole Colour, which gave me the idea for Jääkaru (polar bear in Estonian). There is another play on words/colour here as well. Literal translation for jääkaru is ice-bear and this yarn reminded me so much of winter ice with layers of snow.

The pattern I used is Arne and Carlos' Teddy. I made the ears look smaller and the face embroidery look more like a polar bear. I am very happy with how it turned out, and so was my SIL. The actual recipient is still too small to care one way or another.

Monday, September 12

Picking Up Where I Left Off

12.9.16 Posted by Vaire ,

...Spinning. I took a longer break from spinning than I anticipated after Tour de Fleece. TBH, it became a bit of a chore after 2 weeks. But I had set myself some goals and I was going to follow through because I wanted to see the results.

So I did. As a consequence, I hurt my wrist and lost my spinning mojo for far too long.

Aurora Borealis

I am happy to report that my spinning mojo returned this past weekend and I finished the second single of Aurora Borealis (the last spin I started during TdF).

Aurora Borealis

Now I am all ready to ply, and I am already planning what to spin next. The spinning mojo back! I am also being careful not to hurt myself again by doing wrist and hand exercises, and taking breaks. Breaks are important too.

Friday, September 9

Long Overdue Photos

9.9.16 Posted by Vaire ,

This is how the trousers I made last year with all that Pocket Origami look on me.


And a close-up to show off some of the pockets. I love not having to carry a purse around, although in some days the trousers can get sort of heavy. I wear this pair more than any other that I own.

The trousers are starting to show wear, so I better start on new pair(s) before the inevitable happens and these cannot be mended any more.