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Monday, January 5

New Year, New Goals

January 05, 2015 Posted by Vaire

Not resolutions. That is one tradition that I am most definitely not adopting. But goals, things that I'd like to accomplish, things to write down so that I can refer back to the list, those I can do.

Red Yarn
  • Knit a hat for myself.
  • Spin more.
  • Figure out the office.
  • Sort out the basement storage.
  • Organise the walk-in wardrobe.
  • Start talking to contractors and kitchen manufacturers about budgets.
  • Replace the sink in the bathroom.
  • Finish the black and red Jailbird.
  • Rip out the yoke and reknit Chesterfield.
  • Knit a black jacket.
  • Visit with family.
  • Add art to the gallery wall.
  • Sew some things.