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Monday, June 26

Pincusion & New Trousers

June 26, 2017 Posted by Vaire , ,

It was way past time to sew another pair of trousers with pocket origami. Good thing that I had enough foresight to write down the instructions for the pockets, or I would have had to figure it out all over again.


Since I can't make the mess on a sewing table look glamorous, here is a photo of a pincushion I made for my new sewing machine to start you off. I used a piece of black melton as a base, and crochet cotton as the thread for the Estonian archaic embroidery.

New Trousers

Here is a photo of the sewing table. I moved it into that corner and keep it at cutting height. I still haven't covered my pressing hams, but they work just as well like they are. The two black pieces hanging down are the trouser fronts with top front pockets pinned to them.

I used my old sewing machine for zig-zagging the edges, and the new one for seams and topstitching. I used normal thread for topstitching, so this time it was fine. Next time I am planning to use thicker topstitching thread and then I'll use the old machine for seams as well.

I do love the new machine for the control it gives me through the speed control adjuster. It made topstitching the corners so much easier and more precise. I also love that I can make finer adjustments to the needle placement and that there are more than two stitches it makes.


There is no photo of the trousers themselves because they look exactly like the previous pair. I decided not to go with red topstitching or details this time, but to stick to the black. Maybe next time?