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Friday, September 29

Summer Spinning

September 29, 2017 Posted by Vaire ,

After Tour de Fleece ended, I was still in the spinning mood. I also gave in the temptation to buy new fibre. I had had Fellview Fibres in my Etsy favourites for a while and they came out with some gorgeous red rolags that I simply had to spin.

Red's Revenge

Red's Revenge rolags were so smooth to spin, and I love the yarn. The combination of red, black and silver is just so up my alley.

Ripening Brambles

Ripening Brambles are the perfect complement to the reds. I was thinking of knitting Water by Sylvia McFadden with these two, but I got distracted by:

Fafnir's Heart

Fafnir's Heart. The reds and the golds were just too beautiful to not spin up. So I did. I wanted to have a larger shawl than 100 g of fingering would make, and I bought 200 g of rolags to have enough yarn. Each single fit on the miniSpinner lace bobbin without any issues, but despite having the standard flyer with a larger bobbin, for some unfathomable reason I still tried to fit all of the plied yarn on one lace bobbin. Naturally that failed.

Fellview Fibres

A group shot of all three yarns. 400 g of fingering weight total. I am not sure if I should try to knit something with all of them, or if I should stick to the original plan to use the first two for Water, and Fafnir's Heart for Fire Drake by Abigail Phelps. The latter is just such a perfect match of fibre-yarn-pattern-colour, that I am leaning towards making the Fire Drake, and a different project for the other two because I am not sure they would work for Water.

Shetland Cables

After all that, I was still not done spinning, and picked up a project that had been languishing for a while. I had to wind off quite a few bits where the singles did not match up when I was doing the first plying, and also some 2-ply when I was cabling the plied yarns. The resulting 2x2 fingering weight cabled yarn looks really nice, though. I have no project in mind for this yet.

I was able to preserve the colour sequence of the original hand painted top, but there is less than 100 g of fingering weight colour-blocked yarn. Too little for a scarf, too much for a hat, and too scratchy for a cowl. Ideally I want the project show off the colour sequence, but I'm out of ideas. Cowl is the best candidate, if I can find a recipient with a less sensitive neck.


During Tour de Fleece I participated in two teams, and I won a prize in both. One was a pattern from my wish list, and another was a discount code from SpinJones shop on Etsy. These mini batts will become a multi-gradient yarn where I join light colour to light, and dark to dark of the different batts. But before I tackle this project, I have some other projects I need to get spun and knitted.