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Friday, May 31

Where Did May Go?

May 31, 2013 Posted by Vaire , ,

It's almost June! Whoa. Where did May go? There is so much happening at work that there is nearly nothing happening at home.

Purple berries yarn

Finishing off some baby knits, being undecided about what to knit next, and spinning instead. I inventoried all my spinning fibre and put it on Ravely. I'd run out of the black, so I'd put this project aside for a while.

Purple berries yarn

I spun up enough black to finish plying the first multicolour single.

Purple berries yarn

Then began spinning some more black to ply with the second ball of multicolour single.

Sona in a sun spot

In another news, Sona has discovered sun spots, the birds are singing, and the leaves have exploded on trees. Summer is just around the corner.