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Monday, May 6

Unexpected Art

May 06, 2013 Posted by Vaire , , ,

A neighbour is moving and he decided to get rid of two of his paintings. I happened to go down to the laundry as he was taking them out, and on a whim, he offered those two pieces to me. At first I was a bit hesitant, but after hearing that they'd just go to rubbish bin otherwise, and taking a look at them, I decided to take them off his hands.

I was thinking, that if I didn't like them, I could always try to sell them on Blocket later. Or put them up for an auction, but at least these two pieces of art won't end up in a rubbish heap right now. The artist may not be famous, but his subject, and colour is so totally my style, I could not let these paintings be destroyed.

The signature on the paintings is A. Andrew and the neighbour told me that he was a Danish artist. The paintings were originally bought in the 80s, and the artist is now dead. I tried to Google him in Danish, Swedish and English, but without success. I'd like to know more about him, so I'll keep on trying to find out more.

Guess, what? One looks awesome in the "living room" part of my room! I love the size of it, it is spot on for the wall next to the window. The one on the opposite wall is the exact same size canvas, but without a frame.


Doesn't it look incredible? This is just what this wall needed. The frame needs a bit of cleaning, and the canvas needs dusting. (To be honest, it's downright filthy. Which art collector doesn't take care of his art?!) I love it. The subject, the mood, the colours, the dynamic, everything. This one is definitely a keeper.


This one is chipped and has some unidentified substance splashed on it. Shame. It may not be as evocative as the other one, but that's no reason to not take care of it! This one doesn't feel quite right for this place. It feels like this wall should have more than one piece of art on it, not one big one. I may relocate this one, or re-home it. We'll see.