An Estonian girl who has found a home in Sweden.

Wednesday, August 31

August 31, 2005 Posted by Vaire

I found a place to stay! It's in Tyrellstown in a new house with a lovely landlady. Tyrellstown is a new area and they haven't opened all the shops yet, but the grocery store is open so it's fine. The rest like chemists and dry cleaners are opening soon. If I can get the money for the deposit and one month's rent, I can move in tomorrow after work.

Tomorrow is the first day at work! I'm exited and a little scared. I just have to repeat to myself: everything's going to be fine. I really don't want to blow this chance.

After I've moved out I don't know when I'll be able to update the blog. There is no Internet connection in the house nor any computers. Arranging the broadband and a PC will probably take a while. It's a new area so there might be an Internet cafe at the shopping centre. We'll see. I just might be silent for a while after tomorrow.