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Monday, February 1

One Red Sock

February 01, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Having finished spinning the red yarn, thus running out of spinning WIPs, I went back to knitting.

Red Sock

Socks being the perfect simple knitting during "too tired to brain" periods, this sock has been worked on the most. The reason for just the one sock is that I forgot to do them two at a time, the second one will be cast on in due course.

What comes to spinning, I cannot decide which fibre to start working on next. I have so many beautiful batts, rolags, and tops, that I find it impossible to choose. What colour? What size? How many plies? Gradient, fractal, or as-is?

My fingers are itching to spin, but my brain is changing my mind every 10 minutes, so knitting it is for the time being...