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Monday, June 15

Box Bag

June 15, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

I've been wanting to make one of these box bags for a while now. Bought the fabric and the zipper specifically for that project too. And then as it so often happens, got struck with indecision. How wide? How deep? Big enough for two socks? Just one sock? Big enough for a spindle and some fibre? Bigger? Smaller? Gah!

It's a wonder I get anything done — this is how all my projects begin, and fair few of them die. Get an idea, buy the mats, and then can't make up my mind about the execution. Until I give in and make a mockup, or get it all sorted out in my head, or abandon it for years.

Box Bag

This time I made a mockup. Another proof of concept, if you will. The zipper is salvaged from a pair of worn out trousers and the fabric is scraps left over from the latest project bag. The zipper is rubbish quality so it sticks all the time. (Note to self: Buy good quality zippers for your projects. Rubbish quality was one of the reasons you began to sew clothes again to begin with. The salvaged stuff is not worth your time.) It's entirely hand sewn.

Box Bag

It's super cute and I'm happy how it turned out, despite the zipper. It fits one 50g skein of sock yarn, but not the dpns to knit the sock with. It'll fit a crochet needle, though. Or something else not at all craft related.

I'm not any closer to making a decision about the size of the box bag I originally intended to make... Neither if I'm going to hand or machine sew it. Oh, and I'm completely procrastinating on my trouser project. Hence the proliferation of bags.