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Monday, June 8

The First Week

June 08, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

It went by so fast. New place, new people, new tools, new processes, new everything. There is a lot to take in still. Meanwhile, I've been sewing. Not with a machine, though, that took too much effort to set up. Sewing by hand to relax.

Project Bag

I needed another bag for larger projects like jackets and such. This one turned out a bit smaller than I wanted, so back to the drawing board. Using the tailors' open top of thimble is getting more and more comfortable, and the stitches more and more even. I'm enjoying this way of sewing, it is much easier on the hands than the old way was. No more pricking of fingers! Nice.

Thimble Pouch

Inspired by the medieval wee pouches, I made one for myself. Fingerlooped lace, trim, and hanging loop*; hand sewn, with hand bound eyelets. After I'd finished it it occurred to me that putting this much effort into camo printed quilting cotton and crochet thread was excessively silly. I could have made this from period materials, but I felt like being silly with cotton this time.

What's it for, then?

Thimble Pouch

The thimble. This way it won't get lost in my large sewing box among all the spools of thread. I shall make a proper period pouch for it some day.

* All three laces have the same structure and the loops are transferred exactly the same way, the different patterns come from how you set up the colours in the loops. For those who are interested, all laces come from the book 'Tak V Bowes Departed'.

  • Drawstring: 'An Endented Lace' in green and dark yellow.
  • Belt loop: 'A Round Lace of 5 Loops' in pale yellow only.
  • Trim: 'A Lace Baston' variant (having the same colour above the finger in all five loops at the set up) in pale and dark yellow.