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Wednesday, September 3

How to Level a Battle Pet from 1 to 25 in Six Fights, Section IV cont.

September 03, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

Tamer Battles continued — Wastewalker Shu, Seeker Zusshi, and Aki the Chosen

It bears repeating: Do not forget to equip the Safari Hat before each battle!

Wastewalker Shu



  1. Red Cricket (1,2,1)
  2. Carry pet
  3. Menagerie Custodian (1,1,2)


vs Crusher
- Skitter until Whirlpool has 1 round left > Cocoon Strike > Nature's Touch. Repeat until Crusher dies.

vs Pounder
- Skitter, Cocoon Strike on cooldown, heal after every Cocoon Strike until Pounder dies.

vs Mutilator
- Switch to carry pet > Ability #1
- Switch to Menagerie Guardian > Zap if Sandstorm is still on, otherwise Shock and Awe > Ion Cannon.

Seeker Zusshi



  1. Anubisath Idol (1,1,1)
  2. Yellow Moth (1,1,2)
  3. Carry pet


vs Diamond
- Sandstorm > Deflection > Crush. The rest of the fight relies heavily on RNG. Use Sandstorm on cooldown and deflect every Howling Blast, Crush as a filler.

vs Mollus
- Deflect Dive, Sandstorm on cooldown, and Crush as filler.

vs Skimmer
- Switch to carry pet > take the sleep > switch to Yellow Moth
- Moth Dust (use on cooldown), block Pump with Cocoon Strike > Slicing Wind as filler.

Bonus tamer

This team works against Courageous Yon as well, but he is only accessible if you can fly and is not needed to level one pet to 25 if you have the Safari Hat. However, he is very useful for levelling two pets at a time, or if you want to do all the tamer dailies for loot bags.

To defeat his team, keep Sandstorm on and deflect big hits. Bring out the carry pet during Sandstorm + Flock/Stampede and they won't take any damage at all.

The entrance to his cave in Kun-Lai Summit is hard to find, it is very small opening on a mountainside at coordinates 35.85 74.15.

Aki the Chosen



  1. Flayer Youngling (1,2,2)
  2. Carry pet
  3. Yellow Moth (1,1,2)


vs Chirrup
- Rampage (if Rampage + Blitz doesn't kill Chirrup, forfeit and start again).

vs Stormlash
- Deflection > Blitz until Stormlash dies (if Stormlash kills Flayer Youngling, forfeit and start again).

vs Whiskers
- Blitz > Deflection > Switch to carry pet > Switch to Yellow Moth.
- Moth Dust (use on cooldown), block Dive with Cocoon Strike > Slicing Wind as filler.

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Section IV: Tamer Battles continued — Wastewalker Shu, Seeker Zusshi, and Aki the Chosen
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