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Tuesday, July 18

July 18, 2006 Posted by Vaire

The vacation was very nice, apart from the horrible heat. The temperatures were between 27-34 C all the time. Awful, relentless heat.

We took it easy on Monday and Tuesday, playing a little WoW. Took a tour under Stockholm's bridges on Wednesday. It was very interesting and it makes you realise how beautiful Stockholm really is. We took a lot of pictures, but our Internet is down since the power outage on Sunday night (blogging at work) so I'll post photos when we're online again.

On Tursday we went to see the second Pirates of the Carribean, which was a dissapointment. The first one was such a brilliant movie and the second does not live up to the expectations.

Friday was a party day. We went to Långholmen and the guys were crazy enough to actually swim. Ugh! The water was very cold. We had fun meeting with friends.

Saturday we spent together and went to see the latest installment of X-men series. That one was quite good. Although they killed off a number of characters, they left enough loose ends for more movies to be made.

Flew back to Dublin on Sunday and that was that. The vacation is over and now we're back to work.