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Friday, October 23

Toilet Training Cats, Phase I

October 23, 2009 Posted by Vaire

Ever since I heard that it is possible, I've wanted to toilet train my cats. When I moved to Hornstull two years ago, I looked around for instructions. All I found were expensive products that may or may not be successful. The initial investment vs. success was too unbalanced, so I gave up on the idea with Mao and Ursus.

Then I heard about these instructions and suddenly remembered that I have kittens now. Kittens that are old enough to jump that high. Kittens that are young enough to teach. Whee! The investment is a mixing bowl that doesn't cost hundreds of kronas, time, patience and some blood (we're talking about cats here after all). Seems fair to me.

Phase I: Lid Up, Seat Down

Results so far: toilet 1, Juku 0.

I begun with leaving the toilet lid up. Moments after I lifted it, Juku had an EXPERIENCE. He looked a bit panicky trying to get out and a little bedraggled when he did get out. Sona, having had an Experience (he didn't get wet) licked Juku a few times out of sympathy. Poor Juku. Fortunately, the water was clean and he dried off quickly.

I'll lift them to the seat a few times to show that one can jump up there and not get wet. Once that's successful, I'll start raising the litter box.