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Wednesday, August 13

How to Level a Battle Pet from 1 to 25 in Six Fights, Section II

August 13, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

Master Pet List


These are the pets that I have and that I like to use. I will try to give alternatives for the more hard to get pets, but sometimes the strategy I use means that there are no alternatives. That does not mean that this trainer cannot be defeated without them, it means that then you need to find alternative pets and tacts that work with your collection.

All these pets should be level 25 and Rare quality, they should be upgraded with Battle-stones if necessary. Uncommon quality pets are not strong enough for duoing these fights. Most of these pets (except the Red Cricket and the wild pets) are usually available on the Auction House if you have the gold, and don't want to spend the time farming them.

Most of the pets on this list have only one breed, but when the breed matters, I've given it in square brackets. What the letters mean, Warcraftpets explains better than I could.


Darkmoon Zeppelin. Mechanical, bought with Darkmoon Prize Tickets during Darkmoon Faire.
Darkmoon Tonk. Mechanical, bought with Darkmoon Prize Tickets during Darkmoon Faire.
Yellow Moth [P/P]. Flying, can be bought from the pet vendor in Exodar by a draenei. Alternatives are any of the moths from Timeless Isle, preferably [P/S] breed, or Pterrodax Hatchling if you happen to have one. But the [P/P] Yellow Moth is so strong and relatively easy to get, that there is no reason not to use one.


Eternal Strider [P/S]. Insect, found in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
Flayer Youngling [S/S]. Humanoid, found on Razorthorn Hill on the border of Terokkar Forest and Hellfire Peninsula. Breed really matters here, because the strategy depends on the Youngling to be faster than the opposing pet. I recommend finding any quality [S/S] Youngling and upgrading it instead of spending time trying to find a Rare [S/S] one.


Emerald Whelpling. Dragonkin, dropped by Noxious Whelps in Feralas. Alternative - Nether Faerie Dragon [P/P] or [H/P], captured around Dire Maul in Feralas.
Chrominius. Dragonkin, dropped by Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair.
Menagerie Custodian [H/P]. Mechanical, dropped by The Curator in Karazhan. Alternative - Darkmoon Tonk.
Anubisath Idol. Humanoid, dropped by the Twin Emperors in Ahn'Qiraj.


Red Cricket. Critter, mailed to you by Sho after becoming best friends with her.

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