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Wednesday, March 14

I Rearranged the Room (Yet Again...)

March 14, 2012 Posted by Vaire

I am absolutely ready to move. I love that my flat has so much room, but I can't seem to find a layout that works. This time I moved the sofa where the bookshelves were and bookshelves against the inner wall. It opened up the room nicely, but...

I did take several photos, but only one of them came out. Thanks to the north facing and low windows light in the flat is really capricious. Getting good photos even in daylight is more difficult than it should be. Another reason I will be moving.

Green and blue pillows

The yellow and orange pillow covers had bothered me for a while because they were wrong colours for the room. I had been looking for blue fabric to make a green and blue pair, but I got so fed up I didn't want to wait any longer. So I made the green table runner up into the pillow case and moved one of the blue pillows from the sofa. Much better.

This spring I will be looking for a new flat. One, which which hopefully will suit me better, and definitely will have a bathtub. I compromised on that the last time, and over the years I have realised that I shouldn't have. Wish me luck finding an affordable flat on Södermalm that fits my requirements because that will not be an easy task.