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Friday, March 23

Being Busy...

March 23, 2012 Posted by Vaire

March has turned out to be a very busy month. New things to learn at work, business trips, workshops... Fun! Things at work have become interesting again.

Norrköping sunset

This week I visited Norrköping. I got lucky and got a corner room with gorgeous views.


After the latest re-shuffling of the furniture, I realised that the old bed was a bit too big, and not big enough at the same time. The mattress width is 140 cm, which is trifle too narrow for two and too much for one. Plus the Malm bed frame and the night table took up even more space.

I went to Blocket to see if I could find a nice bed frame that fits two 90 cm mattresses, but there were not any I liked. However, there was a bed frame I liked, a 90 cm one. I liked it so much that I bought it. It's an old Ikea metal frame, but it is gorgeous, and I got to use my old latex mattress again. My back has been very happy about that.

The only thing is that now I have to get rid of a perfectly good bed frame because I have no space to store it. Anyone in Stockholm want a gently used Malm bed frame with a night table?


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