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Monday, February 20


February 20, 2012 Posted by Vaire

Fizzi is a shawl I finished some years ago. However, as it was blocking, Juku absolutely had to have a taste. He nibbled on three places, two at the edge and a third in the last dark stripe.

Fizzi, improved by Juku

He suffered no consequences, while poor Fizzi was folded up and laid in a closet waiting for two years for me to fix her. This weekend I finally could face the undoing of my work.

I ripped the shawl down past the deepest hole, and crocheted the edging again. (The image below is from before ripping.) Fortunately, the hole was right above an end of a lace repeat, so I didn't lose much length.


I wore Fizzi to work today and she is perfect for this time of year.