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Wednesday, February 15

There Has Been Some Knitting (and Crochet too)

February 15, 2012 Posted by Vaire

We had one sunny day this weekend, and I took a chance to snap a few photos of the things I've made lately. Or things I've made not so lately, but had not managed to photograph before.


Capucine from very scratchy Lovikka. I bought the yarn to knit felted slippers, but used it in desperation for this pattern instead. I tried many yarns, but the pattern simply does not come out the size it's supposed to. This was the closest I could manage and it's too big and too small at the same time. I do like the form, so I may knit it for the fourth time if I ever find some suitable yarn.

One-Day Neckwarmer

One-Day Neckwarmer from Malabrigo Worsted. Oh so soft and slightly too big because it looked too small while I was knitting it, so I added some repeats. I may or may not rip it and reknit in smaller size.


Gaussian from the other half of the black blue dark green Malabrigo Worsted. The colour of this yarn looks black in some lights, and green in other. It looks green next to the true black of the Capucine, so green is the most likely colour.


The construction is very clever and results in a slightly Dutch looking cap when worn. right now it is so cold here that I am wearing it under the Capucine for maximum squishiness and warmth.

Dice pouch

Dice pouch from self-striping sock yarn (Regia Mini Ringel). I crocheted a rectangle where the long side was the length of the blue colour. Some colour lengths were longer than was needed, and some slightly shorter, but the effect is what I aimed for — one row per colour. I had exactly enough leftovers to make this pouch, even though I have slightly too many dice for it.