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Friday, August 1

Vacation -- Epilogue. Mum's Visit

August 01, 2008 Posted by Vaire

My Mum came to visit me for the last days of my vacation. I'm glad that she had the opportunity because we hadn't done Mum-Daughter type things for a long while.

We visited Old Town, Chaikhana, a garden centre, IKEA, Vetekatten and shopped a lot.

She was looking for specific things and it just so happened that I found a skirt (finally!) and a hoodie. Mum didn't find everything she wanted but found other things instead.

I'd planned to take the gifts I bought for everyone in Scotland with me to Tallinn some other time, but Mum took them instead. I also gave her and brother's birthday gifts to her, that way they got there in time for the birthday.

We visited IKEA because we were in the area anyway and I'd decided to buy a new bed with the tax return money. The model I'd chosen was not available in the width I wanted, so we chose Malm bed instead. It was cheaper than the original choice, fits the room perfectly and does not take up a lot of visual space. In fact, the Malm footprint is bigger than the old bed, but it takes less visual space than the old bed. Love it!

I also bought a bedspread and some other small stuff from IKEA. So did Mum. It is next to impossible to walk out of there with just the items on the shopping list. In the end, Mum's suitcase was heavier when she left on Sunday, than when she came. She'd hoped it to be otherwise.

We had a really good time together and I'm lucky to have such an excellent Mother.