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Monday, August 4

Monday, Monday

August 04, 2008 Posted by Vaire

The summer vacations have begun to be over, there were more people at the tube and the commuter train this morning. The after-vacation schedule of the tube was supposed to start, but didn't. I was not amused to miss my commuter train today because of it. Fortunately the next train was already at the station when I got there so I didn't loose much time.

The reason why I wanted to get to work earlier today was that I was going to visit a knitting group in Uppsala after work and didn't want to miss that train. I'd exchanged some mails with a girl on Ravelry who was interested in lace knitting, but didn't know how to read the charts. I'd offered to go to Uppsala and show her.

She was very kind to come meet me at the station, take me to the café and walk me back to the station afterwards. I had a very good time, met very nice people, including one reader of this blog. *Waves* It was a pleasure to meet you. I was also introduced to rooibos tea, which was delicious.

I think it is awesome that one can visit another town and meet knitters that way. Made me feel a little guilty of not going to Stockholm knitting café. I should find out if Stockholm knitters still meet and where.