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Friday, July 25

Vacation -- Battle of the Heart

July 25, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I'm sorry, I've been absent this week. Life took a very interesting turn for me and I was sort of distracted. On with the tale...

On Thursday morning I took the bus to Waverley station and a train to Dunfermline. I was picked up by a lovely C and we stopped by a Tesco on our way to the event. Sigh. I miss Tesco...

The event itself was very laid back, no schedules, no classes, nothing to be afraid of missing. I met some wonderful people and it reinforced my resolution to try to go to more small local events. There are so many people who do not or can not travel, it would be a shame to miss them by only going to the "big 5" events.

BotH event site.

A view from the event site towards the hills.

I continued to knit on a Tudor flat cap I'd begun at the Coronation. It differs a bit from the first ones I made. I used smaller needles and more stitches to get a tighter fabric, it may come out a bit bigger too. It was meant to be just my event "something to keep my hands occupied" project, but I promised to give it to M. She likes the first one so much that she wears it outside the SCA too and forgets to pack it with event clothes. She's going to get this one so she can have two: one for the SCA kit and one on the hat rack.

Creek at the event site.

Creek at the event site.

At first I'd planned to stay from Thursday to Sunday, but the weather got worse so I left with S on Saturday. The weather had been really sunny on Thursday, but got cloudier, colder and more rainy as the days passed.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the site was beautiful. (Yes, the pix are on their way. I'll update the posts over the weekend and post a new gallery on the sidebar.)

To Be Continued...