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Monday, July 28


July 28, 2008 Posted by Vaire

The fan of my laptop has blown once before and it's been overheating for two weeks. I've grown tired of being afraid that the fan blows at any minute now and I was planning to buy another computer soon.

I've been eyeing the iMacs at a store and on-line for a year or so. Today I went to the store to buy small speakers with an iPod dock and I sort of lost it. I walked out of the store not only with the speakers, but with the biggest, meanest, sexiest iMac money can buy.

Yep. The largest screen, the fastest processor, the biggest graphics card and the most memory. I took the standard 500GB hard drive option because I have a 400GB external hard drive and 900GB storage space should be enough for a while.

Please excuse me while I go play with my new toy.

P.S. I've updated the Vacation posts with some pictures.