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Friday, September 12

I have set my computers free

September 12, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I have set my computers free. It was my intention from the beginning to have a wireless network in the flat, but the Belkin router I'd bought in Ireland didn't want to cooperate. Since I could connect to the 'net via cable, it wasn't urgent to fix it or get another router.

Until now. I've been eyeing Apple's AirPort Extreme for a while and decided today that I didn't want to wait any longer. The main reason I liked the AirPort was that I could plug in my external hard drive disk to it and reduce the tangle of cables under my table.

The cables were reduced beautifully, but AirPort Utility whines that I need to "fix" my disk. I suspect that what they really mean is that I need to format it to Mac. That's not going to happen before I get all the files transferred. Which means that I need to re-create the tangle until I get everything organised. Bummer.

Another bummer — my camera died. For real. It is almost five years old and has been shaky for the past year. Now it only flashes black and the photos come out black too.

I discovered that when I tried to take pictures of my new hair cut. Since I used my savings for the AirPort I may have to resort to my camera phone. That depends how fast I can save up for a new camera and/or how desperately I want to upload pix to the blog. For the time being, this blog will remain sadly pictureless.