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Friday, July 18

Vacation -- Edinburgh, part 1

July 18, 2008 Posted by Vaire

One thing I had definitely wanted to do in UK was to take a train somewhere. Reading too much Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers did me in, especially 'Five Red Herrings'. As it worked out, we took a train from London to Edinburgh on Sunday so I didn't visit Glasgow for the train ride. The ride was peaceful and I tried to imagine how the train would have looked in the 1930's.

On Monday I went down town to look around little and shop. I'd promised to give my big (30GB) iPod away to a friend and wanted a new one. I bought an 8GB Nano in silver because it was cheaper than what I'd been able to find here in Stockholm. It worked fine for a week and yesterday evening it froze, broke my iTunes and froze again this morning. Blech! Fortunately I'd registered it, so I'll see if I can get someone to fix it here. It's exactly what I'd wanted — small, compact and has a screen. Too bad it's not cooperating.


A view from The Mound towards the hill where Edinburgh castle is. I fell in love with the architecture.

I also found a very nice black top for myself. Now that I'm shopping for clothes again, I've noticed that black tops are much easier to find than skirts/trousers/jeans. Could be that I'm very picky about the length, material and cut of the clothes, but it's much easier to find a black natural fibre top that fits me than a black natural fibre ankle length skirt. Any skirt of that description, really. Add to that the requirement to fit and well... Anyway. Enough complaining about clothes, I do that too often.

My lovely hostess had recommended a one day bus tour in Highlands and I thought that it was a brilliant idea. I went on Tuesday and I fell in love. Scottish Highlands are breathtaking! We visited the Doune Castle where Monty Python filmed some bits of Holy Grail, saw 'airy coo (I love, love, love Scots accent!) and bought a cone of Scottish wool from Killin. I wanted only 150g for hat and mittens, but was informed that she sold only by cone, so cone it was. Now I've got enough to make a blanket (1.2 kilos).


Doune Castle. Some day I want to have enough time to go inside and have a look around.


A loch. I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name.

On Wednesday I took it easy and visited a small shopping centre with Sainsbury's, Clarks, TK Maxx, etc. I just generally browsed in the clothing stores (didn't find any skirts) and bought food for the event that began on Thurdsay.

To Be Continued...