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Friday, May 9

Weight Update and Clothing Rant

May 09, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Check out the numbers on the sidebar. 15 kilos lost! Isn't it sweet? An old friend I hadn't seen for two years commented last week: "You're starting to look like yourself again."

This is exactly how it feels — I'm slowly becoming me again, inside and out. I know that I'll never get back that taut body I had 5 years ago because the skin is (and will be) looser. So what? I am getting older and it shows, but I havent felt so young or full of life since 2002.

I measured myself this week and I was totally gobsmacked to discover that my current waist circumference is 75 cm. 75 cm! My goodness, I haven't had a waist like that since 2003! The bust was 99 cm, hips 103 cm and none of my clothes fit me any longer. The jeans I bought in October are way too big and even the tops are starting to look loose. Especially around the waist. ;)

I tried to shop for new trousers, but the size 44 was too big and the 42 trifle too tight, not to mention that the current fashion is high-waisted. I need hipsters because no-one manufactures jeans with a 0.7 hip/waist ratio (28 cm diffrence). I remember having that problem before and giving up on finding trousers that fit.

I solved that problem way back then by wearing mostly dresses and I might try that again. Except black ankle-length dresses that fit are not easy to come by. Fortunately I can sew modern clothes as well, not just Medieval/Renaissance ones, I just need to gather some courage to actually try my hand at designing some.

Yesterday I went out with my friend S to trawl through some Stockholm's fabric stores and I bought 2 metres of lightweight black wool to make a spring/autumn skirt. Yes, the sun is shining, but it's still chilly and skirts are notoriously drafty anyhow. The plan is to sew it this weekend, but you know what can happen to my plans...