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Monday, May 5

That Was Fun

May 05, 2008 Posted by Vaire

I enjoyed my week away from computers, traffic and buerocracy enormously. I met friends I hadn't seen for years, met new friends and had loads of fun.

I arrived on the first Saturday and was picked up at the train station. The trip was so comfortable that I might switch to trains vs. planes or cars for Swedish events. I got lucky with the tickets too — the 1st class tickets were cheaper than the 2nd class ones, so I bought those instead. The trains are faster than the cars or buses so that's a point in their favour too. More expensive, though. Anyhow, if I travel alone, it's definitely a comfortable way to get to events.

I'd packed a medium size suitcase, thinking that it would be enough. Well, it was enough for the clothes, but nothing else. Everyone had projects to work on, except me. Next year, I know to plan better. Being project-less, I asked if I could help others and fortunately there were kind people who gave me work to do. I entered a hood I sewed with the needle I'd made to the A&S display and got two tokens of appreciation. I could not thank them personally, so I say my thanks here. Thank you very much! And a big thanks to people who let me work on their stuff.

There was a market on Thursday and I bought fabric for three (sic!) new dresses. 11 metres total. Not that I don't have fabric... but it doesn't fit the style I want to go for next. There were a few who had the Flemish peasant (ca. 1560s-70s) clothes on and since they are fitted, but also laced, they are perfect to have when one's weight changes. The Flemish dresses from 1460s-70s I showed you before only accommodate +-3 kilos. I need more than that since I still have about 8 kilos to go.

Enter the working woman's dress. If I make the kirtle a bit smaller, I can still wear it now and after I've reached the target weight because it's laced under arms and the bodice edges do not need to meet. The overdress is laced as well — no problems with fitting there. Another clothing item I decided to make was a fur lined jacket to wear at nights (I'm tired of managing a cloak), but that must wait until I get my cloak back. I got a ride back to Stockholm from my Estonian friends and forgot it in the car. I'm not too worried because I'll be visiting Tallinn before the next year's Double Wars and it's the summer season with indoors events now.

I've got 8 weeks till the Coronation in London, there should not be any problems finishing one outfit with accessories and all. Did I hear a groan? :) Yep here I go again, making plans. This time I won't begin with dresses, though. Every time I make a new outfit, the shoes are a problem. This time I've decided to begin with the shoes instead. I've made shoes and boots before and peasant styles seem to be simple. I did a bit of research yesteday, but I need to read my shoe books and look at paintings before I decide on a style.

Just as there was lots going on at the event, out trip to Stockholm was also eventful. We had a very lucky accident — a flat tire. The tire was punctured some time before Jönköping and we were alerted before our driver noticed it. Luckily there was a gas station a couple hundred metres from where we were alerted, it didn't take long to change the tire. It took longer to unpack and pack the car, than to change the tire. The tire was broken and if we'd driven on it longer, it would have been completely shredded. I took a picture of it because it looked scary.

I was glad I'd insisted to leave an hour earlier than they'd planned. They might not have made it to the ferry otherwise. After the tire change we made good time, I could even offer a cup of tea and show my apartment a little before they had to leave for the ferry.

After that I just chilled and scritched the cats. Ursus does not demand hugs that often, but yesterday he would not leave my lap. Mao had no choice but to wait patiently for his turn.

All in all, I had an excellent vacation and inspiration for new projects.