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Monday, May 12

Sewing Update

May 12, 2008 Posted by Vaire

There's a change of plans. I'm making a dress instead of a skirt. When I was laying out the skirt pattern, I saw that I had too much fabric for a skirt. I'd forgotten that 2m of fabric is enough for a sleeveless or short-sleeved ankle-length dress for me.

I went through my dress patterns and found that I've lost the pattern for my favourite dress. It would have been size 40, but I could have enlarged it a bit. I ended up modifying another dress pattern to make it into the style I was after. That took most of the Saturday and on Sunday I sewed the front bits together.

I might have made a mistake by choosing the size 42 pattern (with size 44 hips) because it seems to be a bit tight over the belly. I'll still finish the dress, if it won't fit perfectly right now, it'll fit in a month or so. (Note to self: Self, get on with the ab crunches already!)

Out of curiosity and to take a break from the sewing, I tried on my jeans from 2002/2003. Yes, I've kept them all these years, don't ask me why. I certainly didn't think I'd fit in them ever again. ...and I fit in one pair! It was a bit tight, so I need to go down a few more kilos. Talk about motivation! I loved those jeans, maybe that's why I've kept them. The other two are size 40 and I'm not sure I want to go that far. We'll see.