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Wednesday, May 21

Busy Week

May 21, 2008 Posted by Vaire

My! Is it Wednesday already? And a week later to boot. Sorry about that.

Last week I went to see Iron Man with a friend. A bit light on the story side, but that's not why I go see movies based on comic books. I go see them to be entertained, and entertained I was. Good FX too. Recommended.

Last Friday I had my first work trip here in Sweden. My department has loaned me as a database expert to an internal project. The customer is in Gothenburg so the meetings are going to be there. It was a bit of an adventure because I took a wrong turn so was about 10 minutes late. Excruciatingly embarrassing to be late for the first meeting of the project. Fortunately they didn't mind too much.

I'd printed out the map, but had forgotten it to Stockholm and tried to go by memory. I would have been fine if I'd trusted my memory more and continued down the street I took first. Next time I'm going somewhere, I'll make darn sure that I have a map or know where I'm going.

Yesterday I attended a seminar about data mining. It was really interesting and I learned things from another perspective. I'm used to building a data warehouse first and then develop reports on top of that. He demonstrated how you can use a transactional DB to base your queries on. Fascinating! I'm really itching to put what I learned yesterday to use.

I've made a little progress on the black dress I began last week. The front is almost finished, but it's taking longer to hand sew than I anticipated. It's a modern pattern and shouldn't take so long, but I chose to use a slow method of sewing so...

I bought the latest Burda issue in Gothenburg because it had several dress patterns in it. I have already picked three patterns to make, but I want those dresses by summer. I might even break out the sewing machine, because these patterns are meant to be sewn with a machine and take so long by hand.