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Tuesday, May 8

May 08, 2007 Posted by Vaire

No Internet at the house. The housmate is not interested in getting it until he has a use for it and he doesn't have a computer yet. I tried to buy a wireless broadband modem, but that experiment failed. My laptop does not communicate with modems or allow one to be set up. Grrr!

This incident has only confirmed my decision to get rid of Microsoft software, including their operating system. I've replaced all other MS programs I used except Windows. I've kept it on the laptop because LOTRO does not play in Ubuntu (a flavour of Linux) reliably. Nor do I trust the installation to go smoothly and I'm not going to risk the only working PC I have.

I'm planning to build a desktop for gaming in Autumn and it will have Ubuntu* as an operating system. Unfortunately Mac is out of question because LOTRO does not play there. I could have a dual boot system, but that involves having a live version of Windows. And that defeats the whole "no more Windows" thing, doesn't it?

* Ubuntu users can use Wine or Cedega to play Windows games. Right now, LOTRO does not play in Wine and Cedega needs more work to make the game stable. Hopefully people who know how to make Linux work have figured it out by Autumn.

Right now all this is moot because no Internet = no play.