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Monday, May 21

May 21, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Last weekend I was over in Stockholm again. It was sudden and unplanned trip, another job interview. From the looks of it this job is my ideal job, fast-paced, creative teamwork that involves databases. The company is small and close-knit so the personality and age are importent for them. Fortunately, I'm exactly the right age and hopefully they liked my personality.

The next part of the year long A&S competition nears. All the moving from one place to another and workshop facilities being unavailable, means that I have now about 3 weeks left. Oh horror! As I'm venturing outside the fibre and textile world, I need tools and materials that I'm not familiar with. That means I really don't know how long time I need to make stuff and I really should have begun a while ago to eliminate the time issue. Somehow the urgency didn't really dawn on me before last week. Urgh!

I'd planned to make 4-6 items, now it looks like there will be 2-3 instead. Oh well, I must squeeze as much variety out of 3 items as I can. What's worse, I haven't made up my mind what to make yet. It depends on availability and access to materials. I've got plenty of ideas, though...

In all this crazyness I've forgotten to take pictures or put online what I have taken. I'm sorry for the lack of eye candy on this blog.