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Friday, July 4

Vacation, Part I

July 04, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , , , ,

The first two weeks of vacation have just flashed by. I had my family visit for a week and before that I was preparing for it. All the little things that had to be organised, bought, arranged, and so on. It has been very intense, all that walking! It must have an effect somewhere, not just sore feet, I hope. We visited a few places, shopped, chatted, had fun, and had generally a good time. I am already looking forward to their next visit.

Since my Mum and Dad moved out of their home of 35 years this spring, there are a few things that they are distributing amongst the children. Since they were coming over with a car, they bought over some things that are passed on to me. The trouble is that they didn't take any of the boxes of books with them that they were meant to, so I'm minus some space that I really counted on. Oh well, maybe next year?

Grandpa's painting

One of the things they brought was this watercolour painting my grandpa did of their house. That is where I spent my summers as a kid, and this painting represents so many memories of my family. Grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbours who we're also related to... Many, many happy memories.

Grayscale Gradient

The visit was so intense and packed with activities, that I've only just about recovered. It didn't help that I caught a cold right before they arrived, so I've been sleeping off both the cold and the fatigue. To get a little spinning practice before the Tour de Fleece, I've tackled the last of my Estonian pencil rovings. This time I decided to keep it simple, and make it as bulky singles. It is finished and drying and looks nice and fluffy. It's meant to become a simple garter stitch shawl to have at the office in the winter. Or home. Or a cowl. It's a nice gradient, so many possibilities!