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Monday, April 30

April 30, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I got the laptop back on Friday. Just in time to have no time to play around with it.

This weekend we all have been packing and the last of us will move out today. That means I'll be the one who has to clean the whole house. M and P moved out gradually and took the last things yesterday. R is in the air, as I write, flying home to Stockholm. O and I will move to our respective rooms today and have to deal with the landlady.

I will move to a tiny room in a small house and I'm very worried about how all our stuff will fit there. What's worse, the house does not have Internet. I will have to talk to he housemates about getting it. Apparently there's a guy who has been thinking about it. Maybe I can convince him to get it sooner than later.

It is sad to split. Of course, we all knew we would not live like this forever, but we had a good time. I will miss everyone, house lasagne on Saturdays, grilling in the back yard and having dinners with friends. Bye Aarnimark, I have only good memories of our time here.