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Monday, August 18


August 18, 2008 Posted by Vaire

New day, new week and I am feeling better. I've rang to book a time with a doctor, but I haven't heard back yet. I want to know what the hell happened and how can I avoid it in the future.

I've mentioned Pratchghan before, I made two squares, one representing Death's realm and an 'I' for the phrase I aten't dead. The Pratchghan was presented to Terry Pratchett on Saturday at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I'm still a bit stunned that my favourite author actually owns something that I made. (Insert starstruck expression here.)

Pratchghan presented to Terry Pratchett. Image used with permission.

Shirley (cherryred on Ravelry) who presented the Pratchghan was the one who collected all the squares, sewed them together and added the backing. She did an amazing job and it was really fitting that she got to meet Terry in person. She has written about the progress on her blog, go check it out for the whole story.