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Friday, August 15

This Has Not Been a Good Week

August 15, 2008 Posted by Vaire

This week sucks. I usually don't post any negative things that happen because I figure no-one wants to read bad stuff. Whinging is boring. Today I am making an exception because this week has been ridiculous.

Monday: my heart was broken. Remember those exiting developments in my life I hinted at? Gone.

Tuesday: almost threw up at T-Centralen on my way to work. The nausea passed and I made it to the commuter train station, but decided that perhaps I should go home instead. So I did.

Wednesday: I'm staying home, someone wakes me up by knocking at the door and says that he needs to come in and check my drainage pipes. They are renovating the space below and will need to shut down the water on Thursday. He leaves promising to post a note with the time when the water will be shut.

Thursday: still home because the stomach is giving me trouble although I am eating only the most boring foods imaginable, like boiled rice, pasta with cheese and oatmeal. There is no note and the water hasn't been shut off. By late evening I am freaking out because I'm convinced I let a thief scout in. Rang my friend S who had some good ideas. Can't sleep because I'm worrying.

Today: I haven't gone out since Tuesday morning. Have a massive headache and no pills to take for it.

On the positive side: my weight is 69.1 kilos and the management replied that the guy on Wednesday was legit. I hope that the weekend will be better than the week has been.