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Thursday, January 18

January 18, 2007 Posted by Vaire

In the exitement about The Burning Crusade I completely forgot to post this weeks results — another kilo down! Or nearly. Their scales measure pounds and stones which are not as accurate as grams. So it is never even 500g change, but 400g or 900g or 1.1kg.

The scales show three numbers: current weight, change from last time and total weightloss. I've given up on actually looking at those last two numbers. Sometimes they don't make sense mathematically. 85.5 - 80.5 = 5, right? No, according to the scales, it is 4.9. So I decided to go with the current weight, calculate the change and total weightloss myself.

As long as they stick to the pounds, it won't be as accurate as grams or kilograms, but at least then the numbers will make sense.