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Tuesday, April 19

April 19, 2005 Posted by Vaire

Last week we had Nationella Provet. That is the test to determine if you will graduate from sfi or not. The written test was on Tuesday and the oral test on Thursday. I have pretty good feelings about both, but we'll see. The test results will be in next week.

Yesterday I spotted a very exiting job ad in a newspaper. They were looking for a person to sell handcrafted items in Stockholms Old Town. I decided to go there and check the place out before sending in my application. It turned out to be a small shop on the main shopping street and the owner was a very nice lady. I had my job interview then and there. She took my contacts and I hope for the best. She wanted to meet other applicants too so I don't know if I'll get the job or not. Wish me luck, send good vibes or pray for me, please. I really, really want that job (handcrafts!) and we desperately need a second income.

The kittens are enjoying each others company immensly and Mao has accepted us too. He comes once in a while to sleep on me which makes Ursus a bit jealous. Mao ('cat' in Chinese) is as social and friendly as Ursus. He is also very active and curious which leads to destruction of things like shower curtains. I still don't understand why he/they had to chew holes in it. Whatever. They had fun doing it, I suppose. Mao also likes water. Yes, water. When one of us takes a bath, he sits next to the tap and splashes the running water with his paw.

Mao playing with water

Now we have one cat who eats onions (Ursus) and one who likes water. Crazy!

Although the newest pattern of Six Soxs and new Knitty are published I haven't felt inspired to knit.

I will be going to Tallinn in early May. It's been a long time since I've been there, almost a year. Once I get a job, I'll be visiting more often. We plan to go fabric and yarn shopping with mom. Novita has new yarns I'd like to check out and I also want to check out the cheap linen and wool selections in fabric stores. Actually 'shopping' is a wrong term, it will be more 'looking' and 'touching' than 'buying'.

We are saving money to go to Visby Medieval Week this year and that means I want a few new things in my wardrobe. The hard part is to decide which time: 1460's Flemish, 1400's Estonian or 1560's Venetian. Or I'll shed a few centuries and make outfits from R's time: 1250's. Fortunately I have my stash to dip into.

I have taken down the weather doodad, it was stuck on wrong temperature and lately it didn't work at all. If they fix it, I'll put it back. It was a useful little thingy.

I have updated the Cats and Handwork photo albums too. Go to Cats album to see Freddy after a bath. There are more pix in Ursus and Mao album too.


I have put up Weather Pixie instead of the weather doodad. I hope you like her.