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Thursday, March 24

March 24, 2005 Posted by Vaire

I haven't been blogging because I've been feeling down and I don't want to whine. The early spring affects me like that. Winter is going, there's muck everywhere and everything is blah in general, etc. You get the idea. Not that nothing has happened meanwhile. There's been knitting, going to school, looking for work and playing WoW. A big patch is going live tomorrow. Woohoo! Ahem. Where was I? Aha. Knitting...

Stashbuster Spirals

I have finished the Stashbuster Spirals and knit a pair of socks for R. He is a big man and has large feet. Want to see just how large?

R's ragg sock

This is how his sock compares to mine.

We have a new family member.

New kitty

As soon as Freddy went back home, it was clear we needed a playmate for Ursus. We looked around on web and this black and white tom caught our eye instantly. He is the same age as Ursus and has similar personality. We called and arranged to pick him up the next day, but the owners changed their mind. A bit odd, but oh well, I can understand it is difficult to give up your kitten. Then a week later they changed their mind back. R took the opportunity and fetched him on Tuesday. He has not told us his real name yet (the one he had before does not suit him) so he remains nameless until then.

Ursus contemplating next action

Ursus contemplating next action.

Best pals

Next action: go and lay down next to your pal. The new kitten hissed a little at Ursus at first, but now they play as if they grew up together. A perfect match.