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Wednesday, April 27

April 27, 2005 Posted by Vaire

The CommentThis comments have been broken since last week. They say that they are working on it, but my patience ran out. Adding to that I've been considering moving to HaloScan for a while anyway. So there you are, my first post with brand new commenting system. Two things that I don't like about the move: ads and I lost all the old comments. Boohoo!

There are no news on the job front. Or about my test results either.

We visited R's mom over the weekend, it was cold and beautiful out there. We took the cats with us and with R's brother's cat there were three young ones giving creeps to the resident dame. It was interesting to see how all three reacted to an alien environment and new contacts. Mao was tense and curious, Freddy was flegmatic and curious, Ursus hid under the sofa most of the time. Poor thing, he does not like changes. We took Mao out for a short walk a few times and he was very exited about all the new smells, the feeling of grass or granite under his toes and everything else around him. He would have liked to stay out longer and explore all the new fascinating things. He would definately like to be an outdoor cat, given a chance.

I finished one Arrowhead Lace sock and cast on another. I found a worsted 4-ply wool yarn which had 2 gray plies and 2 white. Whith the help of my SIL I separated one gray ply from the rest, making a duplicate of my working yarn in thickness and in color. I was quite surprised to see how well it worked out.

Thank you, Myra, for the invitation! The Stockholm Knitters birthday party was fun and I got to practice Swedish.