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Wednesday, February 4

February 04, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday after picking up my passport from the embassy I had an hour before the dentist appointment. There are two yarn stores near the dentist office and naturally they were the best places to spend time in. No, scratch that, it should read: to spend money in. Which I did. I figured I it'll be a long time before I have a chance to visit them again so I stocked up.

I bought two skeins of burgundy red Bergere de France's Magic to make a hat, two skeins of Sport and one Jaspee to make, house socks, also from BdF. Three hanks of black Liisu Käsitöölõng for German Ren hose, one skein of Jil Color to make a second glove because I ran out and three hanks of Bulgarian yarn called Deni. Deni is for a big cozy sweater with a hood I plan to start in Sweden. I have ten hanks of it now (9 black and 1 red) and I hope 1000 grams / 2000 meters is enough. It must be. I can't pop into the store after work and buy more if I run out!

When I got home, instead of starting to pack, I cast on for the socks. Well, my toes are cold and my Regias are too good to wear at home. I finished one sock, but it's going to the frog pond. It fits, but visually the heel is too big and the toe is too small. Bummer. I'll rip the heel and foot out and knit them again with modifications. Perhaps I should try short rows instead of peasant heel? Hmmm... We'll see, the color combo is good and the yarn feels good on foot. Now I heed to get the balance between heel and toe right.

What else I have accomplished:

  1. Pack everything I want to take with me.
  2. Throw or give away the rest.
  3. Find a store in Tallinn that sells ziploc plastic bags.
  4. Get more boxes to cram more stuff in.
  5. Visit tax people and get my income tax declaration sorted out.
  6. Finish a website for a client by 1st of February.
    The layout and graphics have been approved, but it still needs more materials from client.
  7. Take out braids and get a haircut or new braids.
    Got a haircut, I'm still not sure if I like it or not.
  8. Meet with friends to say goodbye.
  9. Help a friend to shop fabric for a medieval dress.
  10. Give back things I have borrowed.
  11. Get back things people have borrowed from me.
  12. Empty the cupboard at work and clean out the PC.
  13. Get a new computer.
    There are some weird things going on with IE and Windows Explorer. Other than that it's fine.
  14. Get the residence permit stamp in my passport.
  15. Go to a dentist for a checkup.