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Wednesday, January 28

January 28, 2004 Posted by Vaire

What I've been up to:

  1. Pack everything I want to take with me.
  2. Throw or give away the rest.
  3. Find a store in Tallinn that sells ziploc plastic bags.
    Mom found them. Why do the stores put them with tin foil instead of trash bags?
  4. Get more boxes to cram more stuff in.
    The boxes have taken over all free floor space, leaving narrow passages to navigate through. I think I've got enough. ;)
  5. Visit tax people and get my income tax declaration sorted out.
  6. Finish a website for a client by 1st of February.
    It is progressing nicely.
  7. Take out braids and get a haircut or new braids.
    I have an appointment with hairdresser on Monday.
  8. Meet with friends to say goodbye.
  9. Help a friend to shop fabric for a medieval dress.
  10. Give back things I have borrowed.
  11. Get back things people have borrowed from me.
  12. Empty the cupboard at work and clean out the PC.
    The latter is stalled until I'll receive a computer that works.
  13. Get a new computer.
  14. Get the residence permit stamp in my passport.
  15. Go to a dentist for a checkup.