An Estonian girl who has found a home in Sweden.

Sunday, February 22

February 22, 2004 Posted by Vaire

So, this is it. I'm here in a new place, new situation, new city, new country, new everything. My family has taken the change rather well, although I suspect we all have cried, especially mom and me.

Warning! Some foul language ahead.


The guys arrived, we took care of the errands I hadn't done on Monday, drove to my place and packed the van. To my utter amazement they fit in everything I had intended to take with me. My custom made furniture was left behind for now because there is no place to put it here. After lunch, which mom had cooked for us, we drove around the town a bit and went to the port. I'd asked some of my friends to be there at 5PM to say final goodbyes. Nobody but my brother showed up. His SO was in Malaysia at the time, one friend was ill at home, one couldn't get off work until six and one couldn't make it on time.

The goodbyes said, we went to check in. The guy in the booth said that the van is not a personal car and you have to pay extra for 45 centimeters. Fine, we did and got a slip of paper to put on the dashboard. We waited 40 minutes until toll and border control processed 2 trucks and 2 cars in front of us and when they were done one Mercedes cut in front of us. Bastard.

Let me tell you, the mood in the van was not peaceful at that point. Not only we were charged extra, the guy had cheated. The fee was 400 SEK and he asked for 800 EEK, the exchange rate is 1.7 not 2. Shithead. When I'd heard the sums I exploded because I am ashamed of my people ripping off foreigners. This is bad for Estonia's image and I want to be able to be proud of my country. Sigh.

We had nothing to declare and border guard let us through without any further incidents. Once we drove on board the people packing vehicles into the ferry said: this is not a personal car, you have to pay extra. What the!? We already did. Where's the receipt? We showed the slip we'd gotten. This is not a receipt; you have to pay or go back and get the receipt. That happened 10 minutes before the ferry was supposed to leave. We went back to check in and I spoke about shameful customer service to the girl there because the guy who took the money had vanished. We got the receipt, were admitted on board and directed to a parking spot with 8 meters of empty space front and back and 4 meters to one side. The ferry wasn't even full!

Once on board we calmed down a little, had a few drinks and went to bed.


We drove off the ferry, though customs who smiled when she was told I was moving in and welcomed me to Sweden. Border guard smiled as well and that was that. One of R's friends came to help unload the van and it was soon done. After the friends had left we set up computers and the stereo systems. That took us until 4AM and we went to bed exhausted.

On Thursday we started to arrange the kitchen, but it's not finished yet and I haven't even touched the boxes with books or yarn. There's sill a lot left to do, but so far, so good.

What's most important — we're both happy.