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Wednesday, February 25

February 25, 2004 Posted by Vaire

Yesterday was the Independence Day in Estonia. On February 24th in 1918 Estonia declared independence; that lasted until Soviet Union occupied us in 1940. Being in an excellent geographical position is hazardous for small nations. We've been overrun by most of our immediate neighbors and some not so immediate. Estonia restored her independence on August 20th in 1991, during the coup in Moscow.

It is as if I've had two lives so far — Soviet and Estonian. I was a child and a teen during Soviet era and a young adult during the Estonian era. There have been good and bad things in both eras, but I'd never wish the Soviet era back. A Swedish era has begun in my life now; it is exiting and interesting to learn how Swedish society works.

All things domestic.

We went to IKEA yesterday and bought two Benno CD shelves and a shelf for downstairs hobby room. This extra room is a storage room with no windows and it is not connected to the apartment, but we figured it's perfect for role-playing and crafts. Also wire baskets for the bathroom and a new ceiling lamp for the entry area. All the big boxes upstairs have been unpacked and the place looks cozy. I still need to unpack my SCA and some modern clothes and arrange small things like papers, sewing notions, candle holders and tools. Some of these things I want to keep upstairs, some will go down to the hobby room.

The website is finished with an additional order of a new area. Whee!

I haven't had time to knit at all and I miss it. As soon as the downstairs is arranged and the additional order is fulfilled I'm planning to start on the Deni sweater.