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Monday, February 16

February 16, 2004 Posted by Vaire

I'll take the modem to cable company today and won't be able to post until Wednesday. So this is a quick update:

  1. Pack everything I want to take with me.
    Almost there! I still need to pack toiletries and clothes, but other than that it's done.
  2. Throw or give away the rest.
  3. Find a store in Tallinn that sells ziploc plastic bags.
  4. Get more boxes to cram more stuff in.
  5. Visit tax people and get my income tax declaration sorted out.
    Tried that on Thursday, waited in a line for half an hour only to be told: come back next week. Riiight! I'll try again today, but if that doesn't work, I'll see if I can submit my declaration over the Internet.
  6. Finish a website for a client by 1st of February.
    We met yesterday and they want more changes. New due date is Monday 23rd.
  7. Take out braids and get a haircut or new braids.
  8. Meet with friends to say goodbye.
  9. Help a friend to shop fabric for a medieval dress.
  10. Give back things I have borrowed.
    Everything has been given back.
  11. Get back things people have borrowed from me.
  12. Empty the cupboard at work and clean out the PC.
  13. Get a new computer.
  14. Get the residence permit stamp in my passport.
  15. Go to a dentist for a checkup.
  16. Have one of my wisdom teeth pulled.
  17. Take the cable modem back to the cable company and have my internet connecion terminated.

Update: You may officially declare me a fool.

I thought that I'd go, have the tooth pulled and then proceed to deal with the remainder of today's schedule. Stupid! I should have remembered that I don't deal well with syringes, blood and being cut up. This has been the worst experience I've had at a dentist, even counting drilling front teeth without anesthesia. Pulling the tooth was horrible, although it didn't hurt one bit and it took more than an hour because my body tried to faint all the time. I'm not going into all the sordid details here, I'll just repeat what the dentist said after it was over: next time stuff yourself with tranquilizers or have a general anesthesia. After the procedure I wasn't up to anything but going by the drug store to fill the prescriptions she gave me and going home to bed.

I'm reasonably OK now, it remains to be seen how things are tomorrow.